Seven weeks AWOL on the blog! I have missed it so but life can present you with challenges that leave only room for doing what’s necessary to make it through the day, with precious little else to spare.


Salme Shirt Dress 1
A question – do you online pattern stalk like I do? I’ll happily browse in my spare time for many a happy hour examining the minutiae of patterns, read reviews and stare longingly while imagining how it would fulfill that hole in my wardrobe made up in a fabulous fabric. Well I finally roused myself from my online stupor/ procrastination, stopped stalking the lovely Salme Buttonless Shirt Dress and clicked the paypal button.



You may remember my post where I listed my favorite shorts patterns. It was the height of summer and I had visions of a wardrobe filled with super cute shorts to swan about in.



Sometimes I feel like a bit of a Google Bowerbird. I love finding and collecting together things that inspire and interest me, hence my love of Pinterest and Mural.Ly. Recently I have been hunting down tee shirt patterns and thought I would share with you all as well!

They say when you are onto a good thing… another one! I was keen to sew up Wiksten #2 soon after the dress.


This weekend gone 20 lovely, creative and like-minded ladies met to lunch, drink and ponder fabrics together. This was the first sewing / blogger meetup I have been to and I have to say what a fabulous day it was.

Hitting the Fabric Store!

Wiksten Tank Dress
It’s official. I have joined the Wiksten Tank brigade! After seeing many a sewing blogger wax lyrical about this pattern, I decided that I needed one of these in my life as well.


Colette Laurel Dress
I was true to my word on both counts from my Colette Laurel #1 post – that there would be another version and it would be in Ikea fabric.



I have really been enjoying reading my fellow bloggers goals and plans for the year, so I thought I may as well put mine out there in the public domain too – feel free to hold me to account should I slack off!

2013 saw my little blog turn one (which completely passed me by….) so I may just have to celebrate this milestone with a little giveaway soon!

Onto 2014 and some of my creative goals / plans:



Every year I think “It can’t be Christmas already” – and yet like clockwork, another 365 days have flown by. This is often the time when you pause and reflect on the year that has passed and inevitably I berate myself on not being more productive, or achieving the creative goals I set for myself at the start of the year.

Perhaps it’s time to be a bit easier on myself and just be grateful. And I do have a helluva lot to be grateful for. A huge thank you to my love and my cheer squad. Your encouragement, love and support mean the world to me. I am one lucky woman to have you.

Next my heart-felt thanks go to you – yes you. To all who take the time to stop by my little corner of the blogosphere, It makes me so happy to know my posts are being read, looked at and commented on. I am constantly inspired and motivated at the immense creativity being shared out there. My blog list grows by the day!

Here’s to 2014 and getting into all those crazy creative plans floating about in my head!