Sometimes I feel like a bit of a Google Bowerbird. I love finding and collecting together things that inspire and interest me, hence my love of Pinterest and Mural.Ly. Recently I have been hunting down tee shirt patterns and thought I would share with you all as well!

If there’s one thing I love in life, it’s the comfort, versatility and style of the humble tee shirt. It can be simple + plain, fitted or slouchy, embellished or emblazoned with slogans or logos. Endless possibilities.

This item of clothing has literally whole shops (bricks and mortar + online) dedicated to it. There’s even a website that details all of Sheldon Cooper’s tee shirts and where you can acquire them (I’m not kidding, google it). My favorite tee shirt store is Graniph, check out their site for some inspiration.

Since making my stripe tee and tee-dress I have been eager to get to sewing more with stretch fabrics. Unfortunately my humble little sewing machine isn’t a massive fan of knits and makes a lovely wonky mess of hem stitching (or perhaps it could be the operator, who’s to say). Good an excuse as any to upgrade + finally acquire an overlocker as well.

Until then, I have collated a list of projects to allocate to my ever burgeoning sewing “pipeline”. Don’t we just love the generosity of pattern designers who provide well drafted and stylish patterns – and free to boot!

So in no particular order:

  1. Grainline Hemlock Very similar to the Mandy – see below
  2. Fine Motor Skills Elise Tee Check out the other free patterns on this site
  3. Tessuti Mandy Very similar to the Hemlock – see above
  4. Tessuti Our Fave Top
  5. Deer & Doe Plantain This one has elbow patches – cute!
  6. 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World Blank Canvas Tee
  7. SBCC Patterns Tonic T-Shirt
  8. SBCC Patterns Tonic 2 Perfect cool weather staple
  9. Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee Lovely shape + great fit
  10. Dixie DIY Tee Shirt Dress Want to try this again in a different fabric and alter the fit a little

A little while back I also bought the Wendy Mullins Sew U Home Stretch which includes some great customisable patterns as well.

Now off to hunt down some fab knit fabric, first stop Spoonflower…

  • Sarah T

    Great summary – you know I’m a big fan of the Maria Denmark pattern – thanks for sharing the others!

    • Your Maria Denmark dress is fab! The perfect pattern hack.

  • Thank you so much for pulling this together! I’d found a few of these, but not all the others. That Mandy tee is perfect, and would have saved me the hassle of modifying the Hemlock neckline, and I definitely want to try out the Kirsten Kimono tee. As for another (non-tshirt) free pattern I reckon you might like (?? judging by your style of makes) here’s the Ludivine dress by Republique du Chiffon: http://republiqueduchiffon.com/2014/02/20/robe-ludivine-patron-du/ It’s in Frnech, but it looks easy enough to figure out? (Famous last words!)

    • I just checked out the Ludivine dress – LOVE! I will rely on google translate for that one – always up for a challenge.

  • Yana

    Thanks for sharing your finds! I’ve heard of a couple of them, but a few of the patterns on the list are new to me, so I’m off to check them out! Look forward to seeing your new tees soon 🙂

    • No problems Yana. I’m sure there are ones out there I missed. There is so much good stuff out there – and not enough sewing time!

  • Great list, so any amazing designs to pair with knit fabric on spoonflower!

    • I know! There are some cracking prints on Spoonflower and I see that By Hand London are also venturing into print-on-demand fabric as well.

      • Wow will have to check it out, thanks!

  • Great collection! I suspect you’re having issues sewing knits because of you needle. Have you tried sewing with a ballpoint/stretch needle? That solved my problems.

    • Thanks Heather Lou – yes I have been using a ballpoint needle. My sweet but simple machine doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to stitch length and tension – I have done a lot of fiddling around with this. Maybe I am being too much of a perfectionist…

  • Thanks for putting this list together! There’s quite a few there I hadn’t seen before. I love the Kirsten kimono tee & have a few more planned for the spring. Have you tried a twin needle for your hems? I find they work brilliantly!

    • My pleasure Kathryn! My machine doesn’t support a twin needle alas, hence my desire to “trade up”. I love your Kimono tee’s, just checked out your bird print one – so sweet!

  • So cool! Thanks, your post went straight to my bookmarks!

    • Thanks Jillian! Good to know my googling obsession is benefiting others! 🙂

  • Maider…. Masustak

    Thank for sharing the links Alex!

    • My pleasure Maider

  • Betsy-SBCC Patterns

    Thanks for including my patterns on your list! I hope your readers find them useful

    • My pleasure! I can’t wait to give them a try myself.