David Bowie Lyric Poster

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to do some design that was just such a pleasure to do. The joy of complete freedom to explore some new techniques and ideas. All I had was some photos and a song – the mission was to combine the two to create a unique and personal wedding gift.

I picked a great high res image of paper lanterns in the trees (as I later found out was the Bride and Groom’s favorite image as well). The lyrics come from David Bowie’s “Lets Dance” – their wedding song.

A lot of techniques went into this piece including filters, watercolour brushes and a lot of experimentation. I am pretty happy with the results. Congrats to the happy couple too. I hope you enjoy this memento of your day.

Art and about banner

Some lovely friends suggested we meet Wednesday evening  for an exhibition opening at The Tate in Glebe. Who could resist a bit of mid-week art perving and only a five minute stroll from home. The Tate is a great little venue, situated upstairs in the Toxteth Hotel. Have your lager with a dose of culture!

The exhibition was “Meet Me in The Middle” – with collaborative work from three Melbourne artists – Cat Rabbit, Nior and The Seven Seas. Some really clever, quirky and whimsical pieces and such great synergy between their three unique styles. I hope they see lots of red dots next to their works before the exhibition ends on the weekend.


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Just thought I would share some images taken at the Anish Kapoor exhibition at the MCAA really amazing collection of work that challenges and distorts your perception of  space, depth and mass. Have you been to any exhibitions that have inspired you recently?

Anish Kapoor Montage