Three weeks ago I and my fellow fabric obsessives (aka the Spoolettes), descended upon the Shibori workshop in Stanmore, Sydney for a few hours of indigo and fabric heaven.



Seven weeks AWOL on the blog! I have missed it so but life can present you with challenges that leave only room for doing what’s necessary to make it through the day, with precious little else to spare.


marimekko_8 copy

Vogue Australia held a big fashion event this week- “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out” – with events held across the city between 5-9pm. It was complete bedlam with throngs of people and pop up stands everywhere, but of most interest to me was the spring sew off at the Marimekko Sydney store. Take 5 fashion students and give them four hours to create an original design in some fabulous Marimekko fabric.

I have to say I was mightily impressed with the results. Creating, drafting, cutting and sewing in such a short amount of time is no mean feat in itself, but the outcomes were truly amazing. If I were to take part in a Marimekko sewing challenge I would need 4 weeks, not 4 hours!


Drafting and cutting begins…


Early in the proceedings and not too stressed yet!


David Bowie Lyric Poster

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to do some design that was just such a pleasure to do. The joy of complete freedom to explore some new techniques and ideas. All I had was some photos and a song – the mission was to combine the two to create a unique and personal wedding gift.

I picked a great high res image of paper lanterns in the trees (as I later found out was the Bride and Groom’s favorite image as well). The lyrics come from David Bowie’s “Lets Dance” – their wedding song.

A lot of techniques went into this piece including filters, watercolour brushes and a lot of experimentation. I am pretty happy with the results. Congrats to the happy couple too. I hope you enjoy this memento of your day.


My significant other recently pointed me in the direction of an online article -“22 Things Happy People Do Differently. Have you come across those perennially happy people and wonder if their disposition is somehow inherent in their genetics or what secret they may possess?. As it turns out, happiness is a choice and while I’m sure it can’t be distilled neatly into 22 points, there are some items on this list that really resonate.
I decided to interpret this list more visually, but make sure you read the full article here

Art and about banner

Some lovely friends suggested we meet Wednesday evening  for an exhibition opening at The Tate in Glebe. Who could resist a bit of mid-week art perving and only a five minute stroll from home. The Tate is a great little venue, situated upstairs in the Toxteth Hotel. Have your lager with a dose of culture!

The exhibition was “Meet Me in The Middle” – with collaborative work from three Melbourne artists – Cat Rabbit, Nior and The Seven Seas. Some really clever, quirky and whimsical pieces and such great synergy between their three unique styles. I hope they see lots of red dots next to their works before the exhibition ends on the weekend.


Love these dog heads READ MORE

This week I finished my first creative challenge for the year – Fat Mum Slims photo-a-day for January. I did this via Instagram, of which I am newly addicted. Many times I have been met with puzzled glances as I focus my iPhone over what I think is a particularly photo worthy crack in the pavement. Most people probably think I am slightly deranged.

I really enjoyed the challenge of FMS photo a day. It was the days I took quick unplanned images that produced the most interesting shots, like the day I was featured in the ‘fab four’ – a lovely surprise indeed!

FMS Photo a day

Thanks Fat Mum Slim!



  1. Colour Nativity –
  2. DIY wooden Christmas trees – Oh! Crafts
  3. Wooden Christmas tree by
  5. Wooden tree mobile youaremyfave

At the risk of sounding a little bah humbug, I can sometimes find Christmas kind of annoying. Hot bothered crowds panicking over last minute shopping, supermarkets hiking the price of Christmas lunch essentials and all the tacky, plastic, glittery cheap decorations that assault you from every angle.

I haven’t decked my halls this year but have found my aesthetic inspiration for Christmas 2013!

A very happy and safe holiday season to everyone.

A quick trip to IKEA on the weekend proved the usual theory about the Swedish shopping mecca – you stop by for one thing (in this case some storage containers), and end up walking away with stuff you didn’t plan on buying.


In this case I was happily browsing the food section (five bars of dark chocolate for $5 – yes please), and spotted this amazing cookbook. Apart from the fact there are some very simple and very delicious looking treats contained within, the design is one of the cleanest and clever I have seen in the cookbook genre. Very Scandi in style indeed! I may file this under “why didn’t I design this?”

What a clever way to display ingredients…

And the end result…mmmm.


As my ‘about page’ will testify, I am a little mad for all things Scandinavian, especially Marimekko. I was incredibly lucky to be able to travel with my partner earlier this year to Helsinki, Norway and Iceland (Denmark and Sweden are on my list for future travel!). In Helsinki we of course made a visit to the Marimekko flagship store. I was just a wee bit excited. Below you can see I am happily perched on the artfully strewn beanbags out front.

As this was the start of our trip, I exerted some restraint with my purchases (regrettably), but bought some amazing fabric and a top. The yardage was still pricy but less expensive than what you pay here in Australia – which is the case for a lot of things, alas.
Now they have opened a Sydney store, which did elicit a high degree of excitement from yours truly (I have now been twice).