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I’m well back in the land of reality after a [insert many superlatives here] time overseas and of course my ultimate highlight being the Marimekko weekend!

Ready for the recap? Settle in as this is a long and pic heavy post!


Marimekko Musta Virta

In a break from tradition, I have been doing a little home deco sewing. Our vibrant but unadorned lounge was in urgent need of some sexy cushions. When you have some amazing fabric and a sewing machine on hand there’s no excuse not to whip up some simple cushion covers!



Seven weeks AWOL on the blog! I have missed it so but life can present you with challenges that leave only room for doing what’s necessary to make it through the day, with precious little else to spare.


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Vogue Australia held a big fashion event this week- “Vogue Fashion’s Night Out” – with events held across the city between 5-9pm. It was complete bedlam with throngs of people and pop up stands everywhere, but of most interest to me was the spring sew off at the Marimekko Sydney store. Take 5 fashion students and give them four hours to create an original design in some fabulous Marimekko fabric.

I have to say I was mightily impressed with the results. Creating, drafting, cutting and sewing in such a short amount of time is no mean feat in itself, but the outcomes were truly amazing. If I were to take part in a Marimekko sewing challenge I would need 4 weeks, not 4 hours!


Drafting and cutting begins…


Early in the proceedings and not too stressed yet!