David Bowie Lyric Poster

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to do some design that was just such a pleasure to do. The joy of complete freedom to explore some new techniques and ideas. All I had was some photos and a song – the mission was to combine the two to create a unique and personal wedding gift.

I picked a great high res image of paper lanterns in the trees (as I later found out was the Bride and Groom’s favorite image as well). The lyrics come from David Bowie’s “Lets Dance” – their wedding song.

A lot of techniques went into this piece including filters, watercolour brushes and a lot of experimentation. I am pretty happy with the results. Congrats to the happy couple too. I hope you enjoy this memento of your day.

52 lists -

This weeks 52 Lists was ‘some of my favorite flowers’. I took this opportunity to use one of the photos I took in Iceland last year. This is from a walk we did in Hellnar, West Iceland on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. It is a truly gorgeous little place.

I decided to play around with the image in Photoshop, and achieve a more retro effect. I used this tutorial for guidance. I think I may try this on some of my other photos as well, I liked the result so much.

This week I finished my first creative challenge for the year – Fat Mum Slims photo-a-day for January. I did this via Instagram, of which I am newly addicted. Many times I have been met with puzzled glances as I focus my iPhone over what I think is a particularly photo worthy crack in the pavement. Most people probably think I am slightly deranged.

I really enjoyed the challenge of FMS photo a day. It was the days I took quick unplanned images that produced the most interesting shots, like the day I was featured in the ‘fab four’ – a lovely surprise indeed!

FMS Photo a day

Thanks Fat Mum Slim!


What a year 2012 has been in so many ways. The absolute highlight for me was an amazing and unforgettable trip to Helsinki, Norway and Iceland with my wonderful partner (the image above was taken at Skaftafell national park at the base of a huge glacier). You can see more images at our holiday blog.

As for resolutions, I resolve in 2013 to continue expanding and challenging myself with more creative goals. I have a huge stockpile of ideas which I am very excited about!

Forgotten Fancies is starting a sketch a day project for 2013 – check out the blog to see her progress. I am not so brave as that but I would like to join this 365 initiative.


A day at the beach with friends is what summer is all about

The gents taking a stroll