David Bowie Lyric Poster

Recently I was afforded the opportunity to do some design that was just such a pleasure to do. The joy of complete freedom to explore some new techniques and ideas. All I had was some photos and a song – the mission was to combine the two to create a unique and personal wedding gift.

I picked a great high res image of paper lanterns in the trees (as I later found out was the Bride and Groom’s favorite image as well). The lyrics come from David Bowie’s “Lets Dance” – their wedding song.

A lot of techniques went into this piece including filters, watercolour brushes and a lot of experimentation. I am pretty happy with the results. Congrats to the happy couple too. I hope you enjoy this memento of your day.

During our visit to Scandinavia, we took a lot of the usual photos, landscapes, architecture and the like. Being a bit of a type nerd I also have a fondness for snapping pics of great outdoor typography – and Scandinavia provided some fantastic examples. I just love the retro style of these.