Wiksten Tank Dress
It’s official. I have joined the Wiksten Tank brigade! After seeing many a sewing blogger wax lyrical about this pattern, I decided that I needed one of these in my life as well.


I was particularly inspired by Crab and Bee’s dress so given that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I created my own black and white version.

First a note about the fabric. This is a rayon with a black and white geometric pattern (yes, you are seeing a trend here…) that I purchased from of all places, Spotlight. I must give credit to my ever patient other half for this fabric – he was the one that dug this gem out for me. Did I ever say how lucky I was to have this man in my life? Never a complaint when I drag him into fabric stores, helping me find great prints, then art directing the photo shoots of my creations!


Next onto the pattern. The smart sewist probably would have done these three things:

  1. Read reviews by other bloggers who wished they’d read reviews by other bloggers
  2. Read posts by sewers who spent the time to get the fit right before plunging in thinking “such a simple pattern, this should work right off the bat”
  3. Averted a major case of what I shall dub “serious neck floppage”(loads of excess fabric at the back of the neck) by taking Made by Rae’s advice

As you would deduce, I did none of the above in my anticipation of a quick and simple make. My case of “serious neck floppage”(SNF) was rather dire, and I was in too far with the neck binding already stitched. After some pondering as to what to do, I sewed a 2.5cm (1in) seam down the back inside the dress, ironed it flat then top-stitched either side of the seam on the outside. Just between you and me – I am calling this a deliberate design feature now. I’m considering trying a flat felled seam down the middle next time – al la my Tail Coat Top.

So what will I do differently next time?

  • Heighten the neckline, eliminating the need for layering like I have done here
  • Adjust the pattern as described above to avoid “SNF”
  • Follow Grainline’s instructions on getting a flat bias neckline

Despite the bumps along the way, I am very happy with this dress and can see myself getting loads of wear out of it. I’m looking forward to making the shorter tank version next.

Do you have a favorite sewing mishap save? Please share.

  • I love this dress! I’m trying to make the same sort of thing with the Grainline tank…I had to bring the neckline up though otherwise it’s just to rude!

    • Thanks Melanie! I will be making a neckline adjustment on the next one too. No one needs an unexpected flash!

  • Yay! It looks awesome and I love your fabric! I think I’m the only person who didn’t have to raise the neckline.

    • Thanks! Your dress was my inspiration and helped me make my decision to buy the pattern.

  • Maider…. Masustak

    Love the fabric! It turned out awesome! I made this tank dress but it was too big…

    • Thanks Maider! I found it has a tendancy to run big as well. I kind of like the volume though!

  • This fabric is a stunning find! I have been my eyes peeled for similar graphic prints because I love them so much. Gorgeous dress.

    • Thanks Elle! I always gravitate to the graphic prints as well, the bolder the better!

  • Yana

    The dress looks great! It was nice to meet you today and I’m looking forward to reading your blog πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Yana! Great to meet you too and have your blog on my blogroll as well. Till the next meetup!

  • Catherine Alekna

    It was so good to meet you in real life today! I really liked this dress you were wearing, but i never got a chance to tell you in all the meeting and chatting and eating. so much was going on i needed to have a panadol on the train home! The dress has such a nice look to it. I think i looks so great despite the neck ‘flopage.’

    • Thanks Catherine – great to meet you too. It was certainly a great if busy day with lots of chatting with lots of new people, so I understand the need for a panadol!

  • Sarah T

    Oh this is great! I didn’t have to raise the neckline on this but I lowered the back and faffed with gapage too. I’m afraid my sewing mishaps rarely make me remember them with fondness – usually crankiness like my most recent bunch of shorts flops! How did your shorts making go?

    • Thanks Sarah! It can be disheartening when so much time and energy go into making something to have it unwearable. I have my fair share of those as well. I have my Colette Iris pattern and fabric ready to go – just hope I can get these done before the weather gets too cool!

  • Oh lord don’t you hate when a “simple” make bites you on the butt! I just made and blogged my first Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank and I feel your pain. There was an SBA, a serious raising of the neckline etc etc. it’s a tank, what the hell could go wrong? Apparently lots, but you know yours looks great and I LOVE that print.

    • Thanks Jillian! I have made a Tiny Pocket Tank recently and had travails with that too….I may be tank-challenged but at least you learn your lesson for the next make!