You may remember my post where I listed my favorite shorts patterns. It was the height of summer and I had visions of a wardrobe filled with super cute shorts to swan about in.

Well I did make a pair of shorts โ€“ one pair that coincided with the onset of the chill of Autumn. What’s a girl to do but don them anyway, whack on a pair of opaques and just go with it! Let’s face it, winter shorts can be trรจs chic, and I just might finish another pair before the start of summer. ๐Ÿ™‚

Onto my pattern of choice. I had purchased Iris by Colette as I liked its retro stylings and had seen plenty of flattering and lovely versions on the interwebs. That and the fact they looked like a simple enough pattern with a side zip and and flattering cut.


They came together with little fuss and no alterations. I was two sizes apart between the waist and hips so I split the difference and went with a size 6 and the fit is spot on – which I was surprised and pleased about. The fabric is an inexpensive quilting cotton on sale from Lincraft. I made these with the idea they would be my wearable muslin. Now there are visions of these in winter weight fabrics! Any suggestions as to where to buy some lovely grey lightweight wool fabric?


Ah yes, the “I’m seriously contemplating this piece of art whilst having a photo taken of my booty” shot.

I’ve also been busy sketching up some new ideas for jewellery designs and buying lots of supplies! Here’s a few little earrings I made last week. You like?



  • I really like! Both that is. The shorts look fab and I love the styling. I just have never been able to make the winter shorts look work for me. I think my proportions are wrong (heavier muscly legs and skinny arms/upper body). It just always looks weird. You’ve nailed it! And I love the earrings. Where can I get some?

    • Thanks Jillian! It also helps not to have to show off my lily white legs ๐Ÿ™‚
      Stay tuned regarding the jewellery – I have plans for this (and maybe a little giveaway too!)

  • Elizabeth

    Love your shorts and the earrings! I cut my second pair of iris shorts about a month ago but never sewn them up as I don’t think I can work shorts and tights like so many others can.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! You should give the shorts / tights combo a go, I think you could do it for sure.

  • Sarah T

    Lexie they’re great! I’ve never tried the shorts over tights look – do they ride up a bit? I just adore your tear drop earrings – will you be making them to sell? They’re so beautiful.

    • Thanks Sarah! No, these didn’t ride up on me. They were insanely comfortable in fact. I will me making more tear drop earrings and I am making plans on a little shop. Perhaps a giveaway is on the cards too – stay tuned : )

  • Carmen Hui

    Cute shorts! They look great on you, love your matchy matchy with the artwork too. I won’t comment on the earrings as I’m sure you are sick of me saying how much I love them.

    • Thanks Carmen! Yes I did go a bit matchy matchy – it’s almost a bit much haha! Never sick of you saying how much you love my earrings, I’m a sucker for compliments!!

  • Catherine Alekna

    very cute shorts! quilting fabric is perfect for shorts, the width is just wide enough and the prints are fun. youve done a fab job!

    • Thanks Catherine! I have been eyeing up other quilting fabrics for this pattern but am envisioning a grey wool or green pair with the button option next time.

  • I’m a big fan of the shorts and stockings look and I love these on you. Styling and photo styling is perfect as ever. These earrings are great!

    • Thanks Kirsty – you know how to rock this look and I may just have to steal you knee socks / shift dress combo as well!

  • Maider….Masustak

    Love your iris!!!! I have yet published my polka dots jeans haha what a coincidence! Your jewellery collection is gorgeous.

    • Thanks Maider. I do love your polka dot jeans!

  • Love the shorts – very cute! I used to wear shorts with tights when I lived in Canada 20 years ago (with Birkenstocks of course)!

    And the earrings are so cute! Do you make the frames too – very clever!

    • Thanks Melanie. The last time I wore tights and shorts was in the 90’s clubbing (with doc martens) !
      I don’t make the earring frames myself – yet. Thats on the list!

  • bernieandi

    These are the perfect shorts! Funny that they were intended to be a wearable muslin, because if I owned these, they would be my favorite pair of shorts in my whole (rather large) wardrobe :). Also WOW. I adore those earrings!! You have style and talent gal!!

    • Aww…you are too kind! Thanks so much.