Salme Shirt Dress 1
A question – do you online pattern stalk like I do? I’ll happily browse in my spare time for many a happy hour examining the minutiae of patterns, read reviews and stare longingly while imagining how it would fulfill that hole in my wardrobe made up in a fabulous fabric. Well I finally roused myself from my online stupor/ procrastination, stopped stalking the lovely Salme Buttonless Shirt Dress and clicked the paypal button.


I do realise this may not have been the most practical make given the looming onset of winter, but I have never been known for my practicality and sometimes you just need to follow your whims.


I will say I am rather surprised that this pattern has not gone a bit more viral amongst the sewing community. It’s such a great canvas for a fabulous fabric, and works well in a plain as well with enough cute details to keep it interesting. I did find a few reviews and makes over at Sew Independent which were useful. I decided to use some stash fabric, an inexpensive cotton chambray that frayed like all hell. I must admit I am getting over sewing with these cheap Lincraft specials but I suppose it was good to pattern test with.


The pattern came together quite easily with the instructions simple to follow. I did take Sew Independent’s advice and added a notch to the collar and the middle of the back bodice as a reference point, something that was not on the pattern. It also does not include seam allowances, but no biggie, they did not take long to add. The sizing is somewhat generous so next time I will make the size down, and in a fabric with a bit more drape.

I suppose I should be off to stalk some more patterns now..I hear Papercut Patterns has just released a new collection.

  • Alex this looks great and knowing you are in Sydney I really think you’ll get a lot of wear during the colder months – it’s never that cold. Stick on a great cardi and with those boots and tights you’re done. And hell it’s meant to be 25 degrees all this week. It’ll be perfect!

    • Thanks Jillian! True that the weather is unusally warm at the moment so I may just get in some wears and there’s always layering!

  • 😉 I was stalking this very site not 2 hours ago… very glad to see yours made up – and it does look like it will layer well 😉

    • Thanks MaciNic! Glad to know I’m not the only Salme stalker! Yes, I will get some more layers going on to get more wear out of it. Now to stalk some cardi patterns!

  • Sarah T

    It’s so cool! Very 60’s chic with your boots (and love your hair colour). I too spend hours and hours planning planning, stalking stalking. It’s one of life’s great pleasures! I also don’t know why the salme patterns are not more popular in general – they are beautifully stylish, modern and the small number blogged seem to be well fitting. I’ve got 3 that I’m keen to acquire, but as they are warm-weather I’m holding off til spring.

    • Thanks Sarah! Although the hair colour may change soon (the greys are becoming a little too abundant)
      The dress does have quite the vintage vibe, a touch of 70’s as well maybe? Hooray for the sewing stalkers. I know I’m not alone!

  • Love this in chambray and agree that you will get a load of wear out of it with a little cardi. I really love the collar. It’s a great style.

    • Thanks Kirsty! I really love the collar as well.

  • Maider….Masustak

    It turned out great in chambray!!! By the way I love your colour spot in the hair!!!

    • Thanks Maider! The colour spot is just one of those little clip in things – I’m trying different things before I take the plunge with permanent hair color!

  • Carmen Hui

    Oh what a cute dress. I will have to check Salme out. I love dressing with no regards for the weather. x

    • Thanks Carmen! Glad to have a fellow inappropriate weather dresser. You should check Salme out, great patterns.

  • Catherine Alekna

    I agree! why is this not more popular. its really practical and you could make so make changes to it. I love your version, the denim is so easy to sew with. And even though winter is coming, you could wear a turtle neck or something with it!

    • Thanks Catherine! Yes, the layering will take me through the winter months with this.

  • Ha I was just pattern stalking for a review for salme’s buttonless dress pattern when I stumbled across your review. Love the dress. I prefer making short sleeve dresses because they are more versatile in the unpredictable Melbourne weather, that and I always have a cardi on me anyways. Sometimes I sit on the couch, under a warm blanket with my laptop and tea and consider getting up to sew something, but end up pattern stalking instead, it’s very satisfying.

    • Thanks Mel! Good to know there are other pattern stalkers out there. Between this and Pinterest its a wonder I ever sew at all! Half the fun is dreaming up that fabulous things you are sure you will make!