This weekend gone 20 lovely, creative and like-minded ladies met to lunch, drink and ponder fabrics together. This was the first sewing / blogger meetup I have been to and I have to say what a fabulous day it was.

Hitting the Fabric Store!

It was at first quite surreal to see all these familiar faces in front of me, only previously seen in the online world. All too often we hear how social media and the online realm takes away from real human interaction, and in a lot of cases it does, but in this instance it brought real people together – yay for the interwebs!


At first it felt a bit nerve-wracking, but how could you ever hope for a more friendly bunch! How liberating to talk fabric, patterns and all things sewing and not have the sight of eyes glazing over in front of you.

We had a fabric / pattern swap at the restaurant where we had lunch, and I walked away with a sweet vintage pattern and some lovely fabric remnants (seen above) which I am sure will come to very good use!


I also caved into temptation and bought some gorgeous Japanese cotton from Tessuti as well as a square of red leather from The Fabric Store.

Now what to make from this fabric. Given its gorgeous bold print I was thinking perhaps the Tessuti Gabby dress or Lisette Diplomat Dress which I have in my stash – what are your thoughts or perhaps you have another suggestion?

Props to the lovely Mel from Made by Melanie for coordinating and organising the day. Also thanks to Susan from Measure Once Cut Twice for the photos above (top post image and top left in image grid).

  • Sarah T

    What a great day! So much fun – jealous from down here in Melbourne! I’d go the Diplomat out of the two you suggested – the neckline is more interesting! But either would look great in that fabric I’m sure.

    • It was fun! Have there been any Melbourne meetups? Thanks for your suggestion of the Diplomat.

  • Rachel

    I love that Japanese print! I’d make a Gabby.

    • It’s lovely isn’t it? I saw this on the Tessuti blog beforehand and knew I would hunt it down in store! Thanks for your suggestion of the Gabby – so now it’s 1 to diplomat, 1 to Gabby!

  • Gabrielle Corbett

    It sounds like SUCH fun – I really have to get to the next one!

    The Lisette is more fitted and has a CB zip, but otherwise the two patterns look quite similar! I’m sure either would be lovely but I’ve only made the Gabby.

    • You must come to the next one! I think more are on the cards in the near future. Yes, quite the toss up on the pattern. I shall ponder some more!

  • Thanks so much for coming to the meet up – it was so lovely to see you (and Carmen) again. Cannot wait to see what you do with that leather!

    • And lovely to see you again too! Not quite sure what the leather shall be destined for yet – although I have a few ideas!

  • Maider…. Masustak

    It seems you had a great day! While I was reading your post, I felt envy…what a big fabric store!!!?!?!??!! Oh my gosh! The sewing community is awesome, isn´t it?

    • We do have some lovely fabric stores in Sydney. The sewing community is most certainly awesome!

  • Such a fun day and so lovely to meet you, am sure your makes will be amazing, that Japanese cotton is stunning!

  • Love the print, have had a soft spot for orange and black since grade 6 when my teacher liked to pair them together. My vote is for Lisette.

  • Catherine Alekna

    It was such a great day! Thank you for inviting me! Thanks for creating the logo too – its perfect!

    Have a good time in Cabramatta on Sunday (if youre going?) ill be recovering from post birthday partying!