Seven weeks AWOL on the blog! I have missed it so but life can present you with challenges that leave only room for doing what’s necessary to make it through the day, with precious little else to spare.

I never planned to make this blog a place to share the very personal or private, wanting to keep the focus on the joyful things in life but the ups and downs are what shape us and this often fuels our creativity and channels it in different directions.

I have had a difficult month with a lot happening in my family and it consumed so much of my life that I had little energy or motivation to blog, sew, create or even engage in reading or commenting on other’s blogs, which I so love doing. The good news is things are back on track, and I have some insanely exciting things happening that I must share with you!

In the midst of all this goings on, I had planned to enter an incredible competition that I never had any expectation of winning. Downhearted and sad at the time, I had kind of had a “whats the point” attitude to a lot of things, but my lovely partner made me promise I would write up my entry and enter, which I did and guess what? (cue all caps to indicate excitedness)


Included is a guided visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma and dinner at restaurant Juuri – which looks amazing.

Anyone who knows me well would understand how much this means to me. I was literally speechless and shaking for quite some time after finding out I won. No amount of money can buy an amazing experience like this. Being such a huge Marimekkophile I find it hard to express the joy, gratitude and excitement I feel.


This competition was part of the Unikko 50th birthday celebrations. 50 years of the iconic poppy, with over 80 unique and amazing colourways. This characteristic and unmistakable design cannot but make you smile.

You can read and see more about Unikko 50th celebrations here

I have a lovely little stash of Marimekko fabric, including some amazing Unikko which I hope to whip into something for my trip in late August. I may need opinions on what to make, I have some ideas up my sleeve which I’ll share soon. I can feel my creative mojo coming back!

I’ll leave you with this – enjoy!

  • Sarah T

    Lexie how amazingly wonderful! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a dark few weeks, but goodness, what a ray of sunshine at the end. I cannot wait to (a) see what you make for your travel wardrobe, and (b) see your pics from Finland. Congratulations! 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah. It is most definitely the biggest ray of sunshine for me – and yes there will be lots and lots of pics!

  • Congratulations!! Love the ‘Marimekkophile’ term. Glad there is a light at the end of a difficult time for you. 🙂

    • Thanks Christy. Yes, I certainly am out as a “Marimekkophile” 🙂

  • Congratulations! That’s utterly amazing! I’m sorry you’ve had a such a tough time lately, but glad to hear things are settling down. You’ll get your mojo back and if doesn’t come back as quickly as you’d like, who cares? We’ll still be here ready to cheer you on when it does. What an amazing prize. Well done you!

    • Thanks so much Jillian. Such heart felt and lovely comments. I’m truly touched. Constantly thankful to be part of the sewing blogger community!

  • Awww, sorry to hear that you’ve not been having a great time of late. It must be 2014 I think as my year has been tres dreadful – the worst ever! So happy that you’ve won this competition…I honestly cannot think of anyone who it would be more perfect for…and how exciting that you have something so amazing too look forward to! I’m so happy for you Alex!

    • Thanks Mel – and sorry to hear 2014 has not been so brilliant for you either ;-(
      Just thankful for this fantastic community and the friendships that have come into my life.

  • What an amazing opportunity and, by the sounds of it, just at the right time. Congratulations and I eagerly await your pics!

    • Thanks Chacha! There will be several cameras coming with me so there will be pics a plenty!

  • Oh gosh Lexi. This is the most amazing news and it sounds like it has come at exactly the right time. So so excited for you. It is an absolute dream.

    • Thanks Kirsty! It certainly did come at the right time but it still feels kind of surreal!

  • Oh how exciting! It must be life’s way of correcting the good/bad balance for you. Looking forward to seeing lots of photos of your trip

    • Thanks Kirsty! It is so very exciting and has brought about some much needed balance in life – something we all need!

  • Catherine Alekna

    Omg that’s so exciting!!! Your so lucky and congratulations! I hope you write a bit fat post on it all when you come back and be sure to stock up on lots of cheap Unikko fabric too! Yay!!!